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January 2016 Archives

Do women in construction work face unique challenges?

When people think about the construction industry, they may think about a male-driven industry. Typically, men have dominated the construction work force. However, there is a small percentage of construction workers in the United States that are women. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, around nine percent of construction workers throughout the nation are female. This equals around 800,000 women across the nation.

Protecting workers from the cold

In the middle of a cold winter, New Yorkers may want to stay inside and in bed all day. However, for most people, that is not reality. No matter how cold it is outside, individuals still need to get up and go to work. For many individuals, the cold weather does not affect their working environment; they are comfortable indoors. However, for others, the cold can present dangers and result in injuries.

What hazards do restaurant workers face on the job?

People from all across New York work in bars and restaurants. These individuals work hard to provide an entertaining experience for those entering these establishments. This work comes at a cost. Restaurant workers face a variety of serious health hazards on the job.

Government workers in New York should protect their rights

Federal and state employees in New York work hard to do their jobs in an effective manner. Like private employees, government workers are responsible for carrying out a variety of important jobs. Without these workers, many essential tasks would not be completed throughout the state. In some situations, federal workers put their lives on the line in order to get their jobs done. When this happens, there are bound to be workplace injuries. An on the job injury can have serious effects for workers and their families.