When people think about the construction industry, they may think about a male-driven industry. Typically, men have dominated the construction work force. However, there is a small percentage of construction workers in the United States that are women. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, around nine percent of construction workers throughout the nation are female. This equals around 800,000 women across the nation.

For these individuals, specific safety precautions need to be taken. While there are serious safety standards for all construction projects, there are specific considerations that women need to keep in mind on construction sites.

For example, women need personal protective equipment that is structured for their body types. Personal protective equipment should be sized based on a woman’s measurements and not a man’s. This can be difficult since personal protective equipment is often limited in size selection. Employers are urged keep a variety of sizes of personal protective equipment on hand so that every employee can remain safe on the job site.

When a construction accident occurs, both men and women workers can be injured. No matter who is hurt, workers need to understand their legal rights in these situations. Employers have the responsibility to provide certain protections to employees. When these protections fail, worker’s compensation may be available to help compensate workers for their losses. Construction site accidents can be very dangerous. Workers’ compensation can help to ensure that workers do not suffer dire financial consequences as a result of these accidents.

Workers’ compensation can help cover medical expenses, lost wages and more related to a workplace accident. While this blog post can only give general information, an attorney can answer specific questions when men and women are injured in construction site accidents.