Federal and state employees in New York work hard to do their jobs in an effective manner. Like private employees, government workers are responsible for carrying out a variety of important jobs. Without these workers, many essential tasks would not be completed throughout the state. In some situations, federal workers put their lives on the line in order to get their jobs done. When this happens, there are bound to be workplace injuries. An on the job injury can have serious effects for workers and their families.

No matter how safe a work environment is, an accident can easily occur. Government workers who are injured on the job need to understand their legal rights. Federal or state workers may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits if they are injured in the line of duty. In other words, if a person is hurt while carrying out the person’s job duties, worker’s compensation benefits may be available.

Worker’s compensation benefits can cover everything from lost wages to medical expenses and more, if such expenses are related to a workplace accident. These costs can add, up and payment can be crucial for injured workers.

New York government employees may need legal assistance in obtaining these benefits. The worker’s compensation system can be complicated, and may overlap with other employment benefits. With the help of our law firm, public employees have been able to get a clearer picture of their legal rights.

The attorneys at Silverman, Silverman, and Seligman, P.C. have experience helping individuals file for these much-needed benefits. From the beginning through the end of the process our compassionate and understanding attorneys have guided individuals to a favorable result. For more information on worker’s compensation benefits for governmental workers, please see our worker’s compensation webpage.