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March 2015 Archives

Helping government workers get their benefits

On the job injuries are not limited to private sector employees. Government workers also put their health and safety on the line at work. Take, for example, a recent story we highlighted on this blog. In that case, several firefighters were hurt in the line of duty when an explosion occurred. Sadly, these types of occurrences aren't rare. Firefighters, police officers, postal workers and other governmental employees can suffer serious injuries on the job.

Explosion injures 3 New York firefighters

When New Yorkers think about government workers, they might think about some worker in an office building moving paperwork for the large bureaucracy. While many government workers do have office jobs that keep government agencies running, others literally risk their lives to fulfill their job obligations. Firefighters fall into this latter category. When on the job, firefighters risk their own safety to help others.

Preventing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

When New Yorkers think about workplace injuries, they may think about catastrophic accidents. They may think of something going horribly wrong and injuring a worker. However, this is not the only way that New York workers are injured. In some cases, workers are injured simply by correctly performing their job for long periods of time. These injuries are often known as musculoskeletal disorders. They can be caused by the repetitive or physically taxing nature of a workers' job.

Are there workers' compensation benefits for energy workers?

New York employees work in a wide variety of different jobs. In each unique job, a worker can face a different set of challenges. While some of these challenges are merely mental, many workers face physical tasks that put the workers in danger. In some cases, people are exposed to dangerous conditions for a long enough period of time that they develop occupational disease. These diseases can, in some cases, cost workers their lives.