On the job injuries are not limited to private sector employees. Government workers also put their health and safety on the line at work. Take, for example, a recent story we highlighted on this blog. In that case, several firefighters were hurt in the line of duty when an explosion occurred. Sadly, these types of occurrences aren’t rare. Firefighters, police officers, postal workers and other governmental employees can suffer serious injuries on the job.

Like private workers, these government workers have bills that need to be paid. These bills can easily accumulate if a person is injured at work and has to stay home to recuperate. An injury might also led to medical bills and other costs as the person recovers.

When this happens to a private employee, many understand that workers’ compensation is available. Government workers should also understand their rights. Government workers are also often entitled to workers’ compensation to cover the cost of an on the job injury.

Our firm has helped New York employees from the private and public sector obtain workers’ compensation benefits for many years. Our attorneys can help governmental employees understand their right to compensation and how to actually obtain it.

From the start of the process and through any appeals, our firm can fight for workers. Governmental workers may have additional rules that they must follow in order to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. These could include notice requirements and strict time deadlines. If these rules are not carefully followed, then a person risks losing the person’s benefits.

Our website can provide more information about workers’ compensation in New York.