When New Yorkers think about government workers, they might think about some worker in an office building moving paperwork for the large bureaucracy. While many government workers do have office jobs that keep government agencies running, others literally risk their lives to fulfill their job obligations. Firefighters fall into this latter category. When on the job, firefighters risk their own safety to help others.

Sadly, many firefighters are often injured on the job. This was the case recently when three firefighters in New York were hurt in an explosion. According to reports, a manhole explosion occurred around 9:54 p.m. recently. The cause of the explosion is unknown.

However, it caused serious injuries to the firefighters. All three firefighters were sent to local hospitals with injuries. Officials with the FDNY have said that one of the firefighters is in critical condition. They claimed that it was too early to know if the injured captain was going to survive this accident.

The workplace accident that injured the firefighters occurred just a little more than an hour after an electrical worker was injured in a similar explosion. This worker was also taken to a local hospital to be treated for workplace injuries.

When governmental workers — like the firefighters in this case — seek medical attention, the expenses can add up quickly. If this medical care is the result of a workplace accident, workers compensation may be available for the worker. Government workers are entitled to workers’ compensation to cover the costs of a workplace accident — just like private sector workers. This compensation can cover lost wages, medical expenses, rehab costs related to the accident.

Source: CBS New York, “3 Firefighters, 2 Utility Workers Injured In Brooklyn Manhole Explosions,” March 5, 2015