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January 2015 Archives

Asbestos in the workplace

Overtime, New York workplaces have become a lot safer. Advances in technology, new research and the adoption of safety regulations have eliminated many of the risks that used to haunt New Yorkers and their families. While many of the risks could be immediately eliminated, some have lingered.

Can you appeal a workers' compensation ruling?

Many New Yorkers go to work each day and are perfectly safe. However, even in safe jobs, people can get hurt. Workplace accidents take place all the time that leave people with serious injuries that require medical attention. When these accidents and injuries occur, New Yorkers have the right to request workers' compensation. Through the workers' compensation system, workers can receive compensation for the injuries they suffered while on the job. This compensation can include medical expenses and lost wages.

Get help for an amputation or other permanent limb injury

Few people can function without the use of their hands, feet, legs and arms. A person's limbs are essential for everything from to completing everyday tasks and to performing the person's job. When a limb is injured in an accident in the workplace, people can suffer greatly. Take, for example, this recent blog post. In that post, our firm highlighted the story of a man who was run over by the garbage truck he worked on. In the case, the man's hand had to be amputated as a result of the accident. The man happened to be an artist and would now be unable to create as he once had.

New York worker suffers amputation following accident

Workplace injuries can happen to any Nee York worker at any time. While the effect of the injury will vary depending the facts in each case, often the injury will negatively impact the life of the worker in some way. If the injury is severe enough, a worker can even be left permanently injured.