Few people can function without the use of their hands, feet, legs and arms. A person’s limbs are essential for everything from to completing everyday tasks and to performing the person’s job. When a limb is injured in an accident in the workplace, people can suffer greatly. Take, for example, this recent blog post. In that post, our firm highlighted the story of a man who was run over by the garbage truck he worked on. In the case, the man’s hand had to be amputated as a result of the accident. The man happened to be an artist and would now be unable to create as he once had.

In situations like this one, it is important for people to understand their legal rights. New York has very specific laws when it comes to compensating workplace accident victims for damage done to their limbs. In many cases, specific calculations about the amount of damage done must be completed. Depending on the outcome of these calculations, and the severity of the injuries, people may receive compensation for a set amount of time.

Our law firm understands these complex rules. We help people sort through the legal complexities following an injury to a limb. We can help gather the appropriate information in order to maximize a person’s chances of recovery. These can include any test results, surgical results, X-rays and functional evaluations.

Unlike some legal claims, claims for workplace injuries generally do not start in a courtroom. But, instead, claims go before the Workers’ Compensation Board before working their way to court. Understanding the procedures used by the Workers’ Compensation Board can make all the difference in a case. With more than 70 years of experience, we can make sure that people’s cases are appropriately handled with compassion and attention to detail at every stage.

For more information on how to react to limb injuries, please visit our Workers’ Compensation for Legs, Feet, Arms and Hand Injuries page.