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August 2014 Archives

You need help following a New York workplace injury

When workers are injured on the job, they are usually eligible for workers' compensation benefits. Workplace accidents can be caused by a number of factors including employee or employer mistakes. Workers' compensation benefits are available to help injured workers financially as they recover.

OSHA fines New York hospital for unsafe conditions

New York workplaces have an obligation to keep workers safe. While traditionally, many people may think that this means that employers have to keep them safe from dangerous machines and chemicals, it also means that workers need to be kept safe from clients and others entering the workplace. If workers are not safe, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can take steps to punish the employer for safety regulation violations.

How long can you take to file a workers compensation claim?

Workplace accidents are common in New York. They can cause serious and permanent injuries to workers that involved in these accidents. The first thing that many workers do after a workplace accident is seek medical attention. This is important so that the worker can ensure that the person's physical injuries are repaired. Seeking medical help can be lifesaving in those first few moments after a workplace accident.

New York construction workers injured in collapsing trench

New York construction jobs can be dangerous when the proper safety measures are not taken to protect workers. Take, for example, a recent New York case. In this situation, two construction workers were digging a trench around a New York home to complete foundation work. The foundation was seven feet deep when it began to collapse on itself, trapping the workers.

How can employers protect workers from extreme heat?

New York workers can be subject to a variety of harsh conditions while on the job. Sometimes those conditions can be mitigated by employers. However, there are certain situations -- like weather conditions -- that are outside of an employer's control. One particularly dangerous situations is extreme heat. Without the right protections, workers can suffer a variety of illnesses as a result of working in a hot environment. These illnesses include heat rash, cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be deadly without treatment.