When workers are injured on the job, they are usually eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Workplace accidents can be caused by a number of factors including employee or employer mistakes. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to help injured workers financially as they recover.

While it is easy to say that workers may qualify for workers’ compensation, it is not always as easy to actually collect workers’ compensation benefits. Insurance companies may try to argue that you don’t qualify for workers’ compensation. They may claim that medical treatment was not related to a workplace accident or that the injury is not as severe as you claim. They may argue that you are not eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits because you did not follow the correct procedures in making your claim.

Many insurance companies are used to these types of claims and their attorneys are very skilled at fighting them. Without the right help, you may not receive the compensation you need and deserve. Our firm can help you collect the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled. We have the experience to help you avoid a legal misstep. As our workers’ compensation page explains, our firm has handled thousands of workers’ compensation cases in New York.

We represent workers — and never insurance companies — so we understand the position an injured worker is in. We will work hard for you to get the compensation you are entitled to under the law and make sure you understand every step along the way. That way, you can focus on your physical recovery instead of the financial challenges the injury could cause.