New York construction jobs can be dangerous when the proper safety measures are not taken to protect workers. Take, for example, a recent New York case. In this situation, two construction workers were digging a trench around a New York home to complete foundation work. The foundation was seven feet deep when it began to collapse on itself, trapping the workers.

When the avalanche of dirt stopped, the men were covered up to their chests in dirt. It took rescue workers more than an hour to free them. During that time, paramedics were able to give them oxygen while vacuum trucks sucked away dirt. When the construction workers were finally freed, they were transported to a local hospital where they were treated for crush injuries.

Police officers claim that the accident occurred because the trench was not properly secured. It apparently did not have any safeguards in place to keep it from collapsing on itself. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate the construction site accident to determine if other violations were present.

When construction accidents happen, an OSHA investigation can help to uncover unsafe conditions and prevent future injuries. An OSHA investigation can also help to hold employers responsible for the accident. But, the investigation won’t help those injured in the initial accident.

However, workers’ compensation could help those construction workers recover costs related to the accident, including medical expenses and lost wages. Construction workers who are injured on the job should understand their rights to workers’ compensation following an accident. This compensation can help them avoid financial trouble as they recover.

Source: New York Daily News, “2 New York construction workers in hospital after trench collapse,” Thomas Tracy, July 31, 2014