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November 2013 Archives

New York plant fined by OSHA for violations -- appeal likely

In New York, workers safety is taken seriously by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The agency works to ensure that businesses are following safety regulations in order to keep workers safe. These regulations outline the types of materials that workers can be exposed to, how much safety equipment should be provided and requires training for many employees. While New York employers may find these regulations burdensome, they do help to keep workers safe.

Four New York government workers hurt in crash

The state of New York hires many workers to complete the tasks that keep the state running. The same goes for the state's cities and towns. These government workers do all sorts of jobs. Some sit behind desks and support the government, while others are doing much more dangerous work.

2 New York workers seriously injured in accident

A car accident has left two New York workers hospitalized. According to reports, the accident occurred around 1:30 a.m. The workers were apparently in the bucket part of a bucket truck. While in the bucket, a UPS truck hit the upper part of the bucket. As a result of the impact, the workers were thrown from the bucket and on to the ground. Emergency crews responded and took the workers to a nearby hospital. Following the accident, one worker was listed in serious condition and the other worker was in critical condition.

New York worker injured on television set

New York is the imaginary home to many television shows and movies. While these shows may not be real, plenty of television shows, movies and other productions are actually filmed in the state. For the real life workers who make these shows happen, the job can be a dangerous one.