The state of New York hires many workers to complete the tasks that keep the state running. The same goes for the state’s cities and towns. These government workers do all sorts of jobs. Some sit behind desks and support the government, while others are doing much more dangerous work.

Like private employees in New York, government workers are susceptible to workplace accidents. When these workers are injured on the job, they are just as likely to be seriously hurt as private employees. Injured workers can spend days, weeks, months or even years away from work recovering from a workplace accident.

Four government workers have recently been injured in New York. According to reports, an ambulance was rushing to get a patient who was supposedly in cardiac arrest. However, while in route the ambulance collided with a city sanitation truck. In the collision two workers on the sanitation truck and two workers in the ambulance were hurt — they all work for the government.

Reports say that the injuries were not life-threatening but they were serious. Therefore, the workers were taken to nearby hospitals. A second ambulance responded to the initial emergency call.

When government workers — like these — are injured on the job, workers’ compensation can help fill the financial gaps caused by the accident. Workers compensation may be available to help pay for medical costs, lost wages, rehabilitation costs and any other costs caused by the injury.

This compensation can be essential to workers who need to spend their energy focusing on their recovery instead of their financial issues. However, workers’ compensation can also be a valuable source of income for anyone who may be permanently disabled in a workplace accident, and therefore unable to return to work.

Source: New York Daily News, “4 city workers injured as sanitation truck hits ambulance in Brooklyn,” Thomas Tracy, Nov. 12, 2013