New York is the imaginary home to many television shows and movies. While these shows may not be real, plenty of television shows, movies and other productions are actually filmed in the state. For the real life workers who make these shows happen, the job can be a dangerous one.

Recently, a worker was hurt while working on the set of the television drama “Person of Interest.” According to reports, the man was working 150 feet in the air on a lighting lift. The man is an electrician and while he was working, the lift caught fire. The fire caused the lift to stall, trapping the worker.

It took rescue workers 30 minutes to get the worker from the lift. During this workplace accident, the man suffered from smoke inhalation. Thankfully, these workplace injuries were minor and rescue workers were able to treat him at the scene before continuing to shoot the show.

No one is quite sure how the fire on the lighting lift started. However, it is clear that this workplace accident, like many workplace accidents, lead to injuries. While these injuries were only minor, the potential for much more serious injuries including burns was there.

At nearly any job, workplace injuries are able to occur. Whether someone wasn’t doing their job right, or if safety precautions weren’t taken when a workplace injury occurs, it is clear that it is the worker who suffers. The worker has to not only deal with the injury but also must miss work in order to heal.

The workers’ compensation is one good option for New York workers in this situation. Workers’ compensation can help workers get back on their feet following an injury at work by paying for necessary expenses while they heal.

Source: NBC 4, “Worker Hurt During TV Show Filming in Queens: FDNY,” Oct. 22, 2013