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September 2013 Archives

New York baseball players also covered by workers' compensation

Many New Yorkers may think that baseball players are just having fun when out on the field. However, for the players, they are actually at work. Like many other New Yorkers, they are also susceptible to on-the-job injuries. These workplace injuries could keep players out of the game for weeks, months or even the season. Much like other New Yorkers that are injured in workplace accidents, expenses can pile up for baseball players. They may require surgery and time off following the accident.

Safety training offered to New York construction workers

Most people understand that certain jobs carry higher risks than others. For example, construction workers who are building buildings 50 feet off the ground are in more dangerous situations than office workers who work on a computer. But, no matter what job Schenectady, New York workers do, they deserve to be safe.

New York worker trapped in elevator shaft following accident

For workers in Schenectady, New York, their job is usually about the paycheck. Few people work just for fun. Instead, people work to pay their bills and support their family. When a workplace accident leaves a worker out of work, it can be devastating for peoples' financial future. Some workplace injuries can force people to stay home from work for weeks, months or years. Depending on the severity of the accident, workplace injuries can leave people with debilitating and permanent injuries.

Wrongful death suit settles after construction accident

Construction sites are dangerous. Power tools, large equipment, vehicles and other construction materials can all easily cause injuries. Therefore, state and federal regulators have created safety rules that are aimed at protecting construction workers and preventing construction site accidents. However, no matter how many safety regulations are passed, these accidents continue to happen and when they do, construction workers are hurt. In some accidents, workers are even killed.