Most people understand that certain jobs carry higher risks than others. For example, construction workers who are building buildings 50 feet off the ground are in more dangerous situations than office workers who work on a computer. But, no matter what job Schenectady, New York workers do, they deserve to be safe.

In order to keep people safe, the government has enacted a series of safety regulations for many different occupations. These safety regulations are created by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. OSHA not only creates these rules, but also enforces them to ensure employers are in compliance and that workers are as safe as possible. These rules can be complex and intricate but they are still very important — especially for workers in more dangerous jobs, like construction.

New York construction workers should know that the New York State Builders Association is hosting an OSHA safety training course for construction supervisors and workers in Canton, New York — not far from Schenectady. This course is designed to help keep workers safe and teach people about common dangers they might encounter on a construction site. This training will include safety precautions for cranes, scaffolds, excavations, ladders, stairways and other tools.

Training like this is important for all New York construction workers. In fact, OSHA requires that all construction workers who work on state-funded projects worth more than $250,000 to have at least 10 hours of OSHA training.

Despite training and safety regulations, workplace accidents still occur, especially on construction sites. When these accidents occur, they can be devastating for workers and their families. Workers should make sure they understand their legal rights following a workplace accident — whether they are construction workers or not.

Source: North Country NOW, “Construction worker safety training offered in Canton,” Sept. 6, 2013