Construction sites are dangerous. Power tools, large equipment, vehicles and other construction materials can all easily cause injuries. Therefore, state and federal regulators have created safety rules that are aimed at protecting construction workers and preventing construction site accidents. However, no matter how many safety regulations are passed, these accidents continue to happen and when they do, construction workers are hurt. In some accidents, workers are even killed.

When workers are killed in a construction accident, their families have a couple of options. In some cases, their families may qualify for workers’ compensation coverage. Through workers’ compensation, these families can receive compensation for lost wages and other expenses caused by the accident. However, families also have the option of filing a wrongful death suit in order to be compensated after the death of a loved one that was caused by someone else’s negligence.

A recent New York wrongful death suit has settled. This suit was filed following a fatal construction accident. In this case, a 30-year-old New York construction worker was killed after a cable snapped causing a tractor crane to collapse on top of him.

Following his death, the man’s parents filed suit against the construction company that employed the man. During the investigation that followed the accident, his parents had learned that this construction company had not completed the required inspections of the crane. Furthermore, the investigation found that the cable was frayed prior to the accident. The company was fined $68,000 as a result of these violations.

In the settlement, the company does not admit to any wrongdoing, but agrees to pay the man’s parents $1 million. While this settlement can never bring their son back, it can help to pay for some of the expenses caused by his absence.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Settlement reached in deadly NYC crane accident,” Aug. 20, 2013