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July 2013 Archives

OSHA fines Ford for violations at New York plant

There are many things that used to be acceptable in the past, but have changed over time. This includes the safety regulations in place to protect workers from workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses in New York. Over time, as side effects have become apparent, certain materials have been treated as hazardous. One of these materials is asbestos.

New York worker injured in fall down elevator shaft

People often think of rescue workers being important following dangerous car accidents or medical emergencies. However, rescue workers are also often important after workplace accidents. Sometimes, whether rescue workers are called quickly enough can be the difference between life and death for injured workers. Police, firefighters and other first responders often have the skills and the technical knowledge to help people in dangerous situations.

Man killed on New York construction site

There are so many different ways that people can get hurt at work. While some jobs are relatively safe, others present dangers on an almost continuous basis. Construction work falls into the latter category. Not only can the tools construction workers use be dangerous, the open environment also presents dangers which can cause serious workplace accidents in Schenectady and all around New York. Some of these accidents have the potential to severely injure or even kill construction workers.

Workplace accidents can happen to New York workers of all ages

Now that it is officially summer in New York kids of all ages are out of school and enjoying the warm weather. For teenagers, summer often means getting a full or part time job to help pass the days and earn a little spending money. However, many people may not be aware of the risks posed to these young workers -- many of whom are entering the workplace for the first time. Many of these inexperienced workers may be unaware of the dangers their workplaces hold and of their rights following a workplace accident.