Now that it is officially summer in New York kids of all ages are out of school and enjoying the warm weather. For teenagers, summer often means getting a full or part time job to help pass the days and earn a little spending money. However, many people may not be aware of the risks posed to these young workers — many of whom are entering the workplace for the first time. Many of these inexperienced workers may be unaware of the dangers their workplaces hold and of their rights following a workplace accident.

According to recent data, a teenager is injured at work every six minutes in the United States. In all, approximately 200,000 teens suffer workplace injuries each summer. Tragically, around 70 teens will be killed while at work this summer.

Just like adults, teenage workers in New York have the right to be safe at work. When a workplace accident occurs, these teens have the right to workers’ compensation. Just like their adult counterparts, workplace accidents can cause debilitating injuries that can leave teenage workers temporarily or permanently disabled. Workers’ compensation can help cover medical expenses, lost wages and other damages caused by a workplace accident.

In order to help spread the news about dangers faced by youth workers the New York State Young Worker Safety and Health Project and other private and public groups held an event in Troy, New York highlighting the importance of working youth safety. The event educated young workers about the legal protections available to help keep them safe at work. By educating these young workers, the program hoped to reduce the number of injuries to teenagers in New York this summer.

Source:, “NYS DOL Highlights Teen Worker Safety This Summer,” June 28, 2013