There are so many different ways that people can get hurt at work. While some jobs are relatively safe, others present dangers on an almost continuous basis. Construction work falls into the latter category. Not only can the tools construction workers use be dangerous, the open environment also presents dangers which can cause serious workplace accidents in Schenectady and all around New York. Some of these accidents have the potential to severely injure or even kill construction workers.

In a recent construction accident, a 55-year-old man was working on Governors Island in New York. He was part of the crew that was rebuilding parts of the seawall around the island. On the construction site, a forklift was lifting a 15 foot long pipe which was supposed to be used in the island’s sewer system from a truck. While the pipe was being lifted, it fell from the grip of the forklift and hit the man.

The man died shortly after the pipe fell.

This tragic construction accident highlights the dangers of working on a New York construction site as well as the terrible consequences of a construction workers’ accident. This man’s family will now have to deal with the emotional and financial consequences of this accident.

Fortunately, there may be financial options available that can make this transition a little bit easier for the family. One, the family may be able to apply for workers’ compensation benefits since this was a workplace accident. These benefits may help to cover lost wages, medical expenses and funeral costs. Two, the family may be able to file a wrongful death suit if they can show that one or more parties’ negligent behavior caused the accident. This suit would also provide financial compensation.

Source: The New York Times, “Staten Island Man, 55, Is Killed by a Falling 15-Foot Pipe,” July 5, 2013