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December 2012 Archives

Fatal accident in New York factory leads to OSHA investigation

Workplace safety regulations are in place for a reason -- to protect employees. When these regulations are ignored a workplace accident can very easily happen. When these accidents happen they not only lead to workplace injuries, they can also lead to fatalities.

New York construction worker killed by falling air conditioner

Construction workers have inherently dangerous jobs. They risk their lives on busy roads and in some cases, they work hundreds of feet above the ground with heavy equipment. Under these circumstances, safety precautions must be taken or a construction accident is likely. When these accidents do occur they often cause serious bodily harm. In some cases, construction accidents are even fatal.

Workers' Compensation deadline extended for some employers

Certain protections exist in New York to ensure that workers are fairly compensated after a workplace accident. The main way this is done is through workers' compensation. Workers' compensation covers expenses incurred by the employee and pays for lost wages due to the accident. If injured workers are permanently disabled, workers' compensation will provide them with the income they need to support their families.

New York fire injures utility workers

A fire at a 53-story high rise has injured almost 30 people in New York. The fire has lead to workplace injuries. According to reports, utility workers were at the building trying to fix flood damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. While trying to fix some electrical issues the building caught on fire. Officials from the fire department responded quickly, however several utility workers were still injured in the blaze. They were taken to a local hospital. Fortunately, none of the injuries were severe.