Workplace safety regulations are in place for a reason — to protect employees. When these regulations are ignored a workplace accident can very easily happen. When these accidents happen they not only lead to workplace injuries, they can also lead to fatalities.

Recently in a New York factory a 50-year-old employee was killed while on the job. According to reports, the man was working for a company that makes different types of water system valves and fire hydrants. Apparently the man was in the factory’s mold department repairing a hydraulic tabletop at the time of the accident.

The exact details of the workplace accident are unclear at this time; however, the man was killed as a result of his injuries. He had worked for the company for two years prior to the accident. OSHA is now investigating the accident and the company to see how and why the accident occurred. According to records, this is the third time an employee has been killed at the company since 2003.

OSHA will likely try to determine if any safety regulations were broken in the factory. It will conduct a thorough investigation to try and determine how the factory could have been safer for employees. If safety regulation violations are found, the company could face a large fine.

While a fine may punish the company for ignoring rules, it will do little for injured workers and their families who may be saddled with large amounts of debt following a workplace accident. However, in many situations, workers and their families can find some financial relief through workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation can offer employees compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses following a workplace injury.

Source: WSLS 10, “OSHA investigating fatality at upstate NY factory,” Dec. 18, 2012