A fire at a 53-story high rise has injured almost 30 people in New York. The fire has lead to workplace injuries. According to reports, utility workers were at the building trying to fix flood damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. While trying to fix some electrical issues the building caught on fire. Officials from the fire department responded quickly, however several utility workers were still injured in the blaze. They were taken to a local hospital. Fortunately, none of the injuries were severe.

While the injuries in this case were only minor, many workplace accidents are much more serious. In some cases, workers can be killed. In this situation, and especially in more serious cases, workers deserve to be compensated for their injuries. Workers’ compensation is available to help cover costs incurred because of the workplace injuries. Injured workers can recover their lost wages, medical costs and other expenses relating to the injury.

Generally, in New York, an injured worker will qualify for workers’ compensation as long as the worker was hurt on the job, or the injury arose from the worker’s employment. So, in this case, although the injured workers were on a job site, they should still be covered by workers’ compensation.

People may assume that workers’ compensation is automatically granted to those who have suffered from a workplace injury. However, in many cases, the system is not that simple. To get benefits, people need to apply for them. In some cases, lengthy documentation is required. People must work to ensure they receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

Source: New York Daily News, “First flood, now a fire at lower Manhattan building” Nov. 23, 2012