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December 2015 Archives

New York bartenders are at risk this holiday season

Throughout New York, residents spend the holiday season having fun at bars and restaurants. Many people don't think twice about the people working in these environments. However, for these workers the holiday season can be a dangerous and painful time. With the increase in customers comes an increase in workplace injuries.

Federal agencies and workplace safety

Much like private workers, government employees face dangers on the job. Many work in dangerous situations all of the time. These individuals understand that they are putting their own safety on the line in order to do their jobs. Even if a person's job is not overtly dangerous, workplace accidents still occur that can result in injuries to government officials.

How can New York workers avoid the flu?

The weather is turning cooler in New York. With the cool weather, comes the risk of illness. During the winter, many people suffer from the flu. While in many cases, the seasonal flu is not a big deal, it can result in serious complications for certain individuals. In 2009, the United States suffered from a flu pandemic. While this flu was mild, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu showed that many workplaces were unprepared to deal with the consequences of a quickly spreading illness. As a result, many employees suffered from the virus that year.

Motor vehicles and workplace safety in New York

Workplaces across New York State often rely on motor vehicles in order to get their jobs done. Many different types of workers use cars, trucks and other heavy machinery on a daily basis. Most people understand that a car can be dangerous in any situation. This is often true in workplaces as well. There's always the possibility that a motor vehicle accident can occur leaving worker injured.

Getting construction workers the compensation they deserve

Construction workers in New York are a driving force in the economy. Construction workers allow businesses to expand into new buildings, allow people to have a place to live and ensure that local roadways and highways are safe. Without construction workers, new construction projects would not be possible and existing structures would fall into disrepair. In order to do their jobs, construction workers put their safety at risk on a daily basis.