Much like private workers, government employees face dangers on the job. Many work in dangerous situations all of the time. These individuals understand that they are putting their own safety on the line in order to do their jobs. Even if a person’s job is not overtly dangerous, workplace accidents still occur that can result in injuries to government officials.

Federal employees have some protections when it comes to on the job safety. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, the government must follow many of the same safety rules that private employers do. These include maintaining and providing the proper safety equipment for workers. Public employers must also require that federal employees use this safety equipment on the job.

Federal agencies must inspect workplaces in order to ensure that they comply with federal safety standards. They have to ensure that the workplaces are free from safety violations. If a violation or hazard does occur, the agency is responsible for notifying employees about the issue. They must also take steps to abate any safety concerns that arise.

When workplace accidents occur, federal employers must keep track of all the injuries. They must keep accurate records of illnesses, injuries and other accidents for specified periods of time. And, they must comply with all other OSHA rules and regulations. Including developing rules and training for employees that help to prevent workplace accidents.

When any New York worker is injured on the job, that person needs to know how to respond. In many cases, a quick response is required to get compensation for the injuries a person has suffered. An attorney may be able to help government employees that are injured at work understand their legal rights.