Workplaces across New York State often rely on motor vehicles in order to get their jobs done. Many different types of workers use cars, trucks and other heavy machinery on a daily basis. Most people understand that a car can be dangerous in any situation. This is often true in workplaces as well. There’s always the possibility that a motor vehicle accident can occur leaving worker injured.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has taken steps in order to make the use of motor vehicles as safe as possible for workers in the United States. Under OSHA safety regulations, vehicles must be equipped with certain safety equipment when used on an off-highway job site.

OSHA regulations require that vehicles used on job sites include a working brake system. This includes a service break, a parking brake and an emergency brake. These systems need to be in proper working order. If a vehicle is used in a situation where the light is low, the vehicle must have at least two taillights and two headlights.

All vehicles must have working brake lights no matter what light conditions the vehicle is used in. All vehicles must also have an audible warning device, such as a horn, that is in good working order. OSHA also requires that all vehicles have powered wipers and intact windshields.

It is important for vehicles to follow these safety rules, and others, in order to keep employees safe on the job. If employers fail to follow OSHA regulations, then an accident can easily occur. If a workplace accident occurs, injured workers may be entitled to compensation through the worker’s compensation program. Worker’s compensation can help injured workers recover damages that occurred as a result of the accident. An experienced attorney may be able to help injured workers understand their specific legal rights.