Construction workers in New York are a driving force in the economy. Construction workers allow businesses to expand into new buildings, allow people to have a place to live and ensure that local roadways and highways are safe. Without construction workers, new construction projects would not be possible and existing structures would fall into disrepair. In order to do their jobs, construction workers put their safety at risk on a daily basis.

They work in dangerous conditions. These conditions can include heights, trenches, partially completed buildings and more. Additionally, construction workers work with dangerous tools and machinery in order to complete their jobs.

With all these dangers, it is common for construction accidents to occur. While many construction sites closely follow safety regulations, others choose to ignore them. If these regulations are ignored, then the risk of accidents is increased. These accidents can leave construction workers with anything from a minor injury to a fatal wound.

When construction workers are injured on the job they need to understand their legal rights. Construction workers, like other New York employees, are generally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits when workplace accidents occur. However, it can sometimes be difficult for workers to apply for these benefits without the help of an attorney.

The attorneys at Silverman, Silverman and Seligman, P.C. have the experience to help New York construction workers successfully file worker’s compensation benefit claims. Our attorneys have helped walk numerous injured workers through the process.

We have helped people obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and more when they’ve been involved in construction accidents. These benefits may be available even when workers may have contributed to the accident and even if the employer was not negligent. For more information on workers’ compensation benefits following a construction accident, please see our construction accident webpage.