It can happen in an instant, but the fallout can last far longer. An unexpected event causes a workplace injury, and you are left wondering how to deal with it. Who do I talk to? How will I cover expenses if I miss work? These questions and more deserve answers, and those suffering should know that there is help out there.

When injured on the job, the first step is always to address the injury by seeking out medical care. While those with severe injuries may receive care almost immediately, those who fear long term affects from what can initially seem like a minor injury should still visit a medical professional for both personal and legal reasons. Within the workers’ compensation process, it is important that there be medical records detailing an injury to support the claim for benefits. It is also vital that you report the injury to your employer.

Once you have taken care of these initial steps, it is time to submit your claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Doing this sooner rather than later is important due to filing deadlines. Of course, working with an experienced attorney can promote the strongest possible application for your situation with the goal of obtaining benefits on first review. However, if there is an appeal, legal guidance could be the difference in overcoming the initial denial.

Understanding the workers compensation process is the first step in seeking a successful claim, and you may have many questions. To learn more about workers’ compensation benefits, visit our workers’ compensation process page.