Workers in New York can suffer a variety of different injuries in the workplace. These injuries can range from minor to severe. When injuries are minor, workers may not even explore their compensation rights or need to see a doctor. However, when workers are more severely injured, it is very important for them to understand how workers’ compensation laws work to protect their financial future.

Under workers’ compensation laws, New York workers have the right to compensation for any medical expenses related to a workplace injury. These medical expenses are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, carried by the worker’s employer.

In 2010, workers’ compensation laws changed to give doctors more freedom in how they treat patients with workplace injuries. The change in the law was supposed to be designed to benefit employees. But, it has had the opposite effect, in many cases. Instead of providing care, doctors in New York are often leery to make missteps in treating workplace injuries. This is because they may be held financially responsible, if they perform medical procedures that are not authorized. Therefore, it may be harder for workers to access the medical treatment they need and deserve.

This means that workers need to fight for their right to get the medical treatment that they need. The attorneys in our law firm understand the changes to the workers’ compensation laws in New York. We know how to make them benefit injured workers. We can help people get the compensation they need following a workplace accident — both for medical expenses and lost wages. For more information about our law firm and workplace injuries, please see our medical expenses webpage.