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July 2015 Archives

Federal workers' compensation and the flu

When people think of workplace accidents, they may think about serious injuries. For example, people may think about the loss of a limb, a serious head injury or a broken bone, when asked to think about a situation where someone is hurt at work. While in many cases, these serious injuries do occur in New York, these are not the only time a worker is forced to leave work because the person is harmed. In some cases, occupational diseases can cause as much harm as an injury-causing accident.

What is the role of the federal DFEC for New Yorkers?

In general, people who work are either employees of a governmental agency or private sector employees. If people are in the private sector, then they are not employees of a governmental, either local, state or federal, agency. Private sector employees have a variety of workplace laws that are in place to protect them in case of harm. For example, New York State law provides private sector employees with workers' compensation coverage should the worker be hurt at work.

Steps should be taken to prevent back injuries

Workers from across a wide variety of fields are at risk for a serious workplace injury. In particular, many are at risk for back injuries. In fact, back injuries, also known as musculoskeletal disorders, make up 33 percent of all workplace injuries. Workers from a variety of jobs including health care, food processing, office jobs, construction work and more, are at risk for these injuries.

New York worker wins workers' compensation appeal

New York workers come in all shapes and sizes and have all sorts of abilities. People come to work with their own unique education, disabilities and previous work histories. This diversity is one thing that makes the state so unique. While people may look or act differently, no one group is exempt from a workplace accident. Anyone can be hurt on the job in New York. And, workers' compensation benefits may be available to an injured worker.

Employers should take workplace safety seriously in New York

New York workers go to work every day for their employers. Company owners and managers may think that they understand what employees are going through, but they are not always in the trenches with workers. And, they rarely face the dangers that other employees must face.

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