New York workers go to work every day for their employers. Company owners and managers may think that they understand what employees are going through, but they are not always in the trenches with workers. And, they rarely face the dangers that other employees must face.

Therefore, employers may not take safety as seriously as they should. They may not see a need to exactly follow safety regulations, to adopt safe practices or to provide safety equipment, especially if it affects the bottom line. However, no matter what an employer thinks, there are laws designed to keep workers safe.

No employee should have to go to work and wonder if he or she will suffer from a serious or life-threatening workplace accident. Workers shouldn’t have to wonder if they will make it home to their families. Instead, they should go to work and know that their employers have done everything they can to keep them safe.

Sadly, this is not the world we live in. Many employees are seriously injured on the job. When workplace injuries take people away from their jobs, workers’ compensation helps to fill in the financial gaps. Through the workers’ compensation system, workers should be compensated for the losses caused by a workplace injury.

Practically speaking, however, it is not always simple to get these benefits. The attorneys at Silverman, Silverman & Seligman, P.C. understand the many legal complications that many New York workers face while applying for these benefits. Our attorneys have had experience aggressively fighting on behalf of injured workers to give people the chance to get the benefits they need.

Even when employers take workplace safety seriously, workers’ compensation claims may be necessary, as accidents happen. To learn more about these types of claims. please see our work injuries web page.