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May 2015 Archives

Accident in Guilderland kills highway worker

As the springtime temperatures heat up in New York, workers will be heading outdoors to complete their work. Projects that may have been delayed during the harsh winter weather will once again come to life. In particular, road construction will resume across the state. While people may like to joke that summer should be called "construction season," the dangers to road crews are no laughing matter. Workers along New York's streets and highways are in real danger.

Special considerations necessary for tunneling work

In New York, tunneling underground is not uncommon. From transportation to sewers and construction projects, there are many different reasons that require underground work. This work can be extremely dangerous and requires special protections for workers.

What protective systems can be used to prevent trench collapse?

On many occasions, this blog has described the many dangers faced by New York construction workers. Even in the best situations, construction workers face extreme hazards on the job site. These hazards can cause injuries that keep people from earning a living for years to come. An injured worker can be left with no way to earn an income or support his or her family. Therefore, it is important that construction sites do everything possible to protect workers from serious injuries and death.

Preventing trench collapse for New York workers

Most New Yorkers understand that there are risks associated with construction work. Construction workers often have to put themselves in danger in order to complete the job. However, some situations are unnecessarily dangerous because proper safety protocol is not followed.