As the springtime temperatures heat up in New York, workers will be heading outdoors to complete their work. Projects that may have been delayed during the harsh winter weather will once again come to life. In particular, road construction will resume across the state. While people may like to joke that summer should be called “construction season,” the dangers to road crews are no laughing matter. Workers along New York’s streets and highways are in real danger.

Sadly, this danger has already claimed a victim. According to reports, a 54-year-old man was killed while working on a highway in Guilderland. The man was apparently riding on a compactor truck and picking up trash along the highway when the accident occurred.

When the driver started to back up the truck, the man somehow fell from the truck. He was then hit by the truck. Following the accident, he was taken to a local hospital in Albany but was eventually pronounced dead.

New York workers who are injured or killed on the job — like this man — have legal rights to compensation. This compensation can help the worker pay for the expenses caused by the workplace injuries. Even if the person did not survive the accident, the worker’s family could have unexpected financial losses including funeral costs, medical expenses and lost wages.

Understanding a worker’s right to workers’ compensation is the first step in obtaining it. In order to get the benefits that one deserves following a dangerous accident, victims must meet legal requirements. Therefore, as workers are exposed to increased risks this summer, they should make sure they know how to respond legally if injured at work.

Source: Post Star, “NY highway worker fatally struck by compactor truck,” May 22, 2015