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November 2014 Archives

New York worker compensated for permanent injuries

When New York workplaces violate safety regulations workers are put at risk. In these situations, workers can suffer from serious workplace injuries. These injuries can leave workers with permanent disabilities that prevent them from returning to work at all. When workers are permanently disabled, their employers may be responsible for the financial losses that the employees suffer. These losses can include lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. However, an employee's damages can also include pain and suffering.

New York workers and occupational disease

When people think of workers' compensation, they likely think about workplace accidents that cause injuries. In these common scenarios, a worker is injured -- either temporarily or permanently -- as a result of some incident that happened at work. However, workers' compensation benefits are not only limited to work-related injuries, but can also apply to occupational diseases.

What can be done to prevent workplace falls?

Workers in a variety of fields face heights on a daily basis. While New Yorkers might think of construction workers, as being high off the ground, a variety of industrial workers also spend time on elevated platforms and in other dangerous locations. In these cases, workplace falls can occur leading to serious injuries. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, falls are some of the most common types of workplace injuries. This can leave workers and employers asking what can be done to prevent workplace accidents involving falls.

Know your rights when workplace safety violations cause injuries

When a workplace accident occurs in New York, the accident will likely be investigated. This investigation will help to determine why the accident occurred and how similar accidents can be prevented in the future. In some cases, people will learn that employee error caused the accident. Sometimes, a momentary lapse in judgment, a mistake or carelessness will cause an injury. But, in many cases, an employer will be responsible for the accident.