When New York workplaces violate safety regulations workers are put at risk. In these situations, workers can suffer from serious workplace injuries. These injuries can leave workers with permanent disabilities that prevent them from returning to work at all. When workers are permanently disabled, their employers may be responsible for the financial losses that the employees suffer. These losses can include lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. However, an employee’s damages can also include pain and suffering.

Recently, a New York jury decided that a former bricklayer was entitled to compensation after a workplace accident left the man with permanent injuries. According to the man, he was working on scaffolding when it tipped over and threw him to the floor. The man argued — and the jury agreed — that safety violations contributed to the accident.

While the accident occurred in 2010, the man still feels the effects of the workplace injuries. Reports claim that the man suffers from reflex sympathy dystrophy as a result of the accident. The disorder causes the man to experience immense amounts of pain. He must use painkillers on a daily basis and walk with a crutch in order to cope.

The jury awarded the man $7.5 million as a result of the accident. This included damages for his pain and suffering, lost wage and medical expenses.

Following a workplace accident, New York workers need to understand their legal rights. There are systems in place to help protect workers. Sometimes a lawsuit might be required or sometimes workers’ compensation will adequately compensate the employee. However, in any case, workers should not suffer financial harm as a result of a workplace injury.

Source: New York Post, “Worker injured in scaffold mishap awarded $7.5M,” Josh Saul, Nov. 13, 2014