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September 2014 Archives

Federal employees and workers' compensation

A lot of New Yorkers work for private companies. These companies can be global and large, but they are still private. Private companies often have a lot of power to decide how to treat employees, but some federal and state regulations still apply to them. On the other hand, some workers are governmental employees. These workers work for the state or federal government. In these cases, the workers may be governed by slightly different rules and regulations.

Who qualifies for workers compensation in New York?

When a worker is hurt in a workplace accident, workers' compensation can provide valuable compensation to the worker and that person's family. This compensation can help to cover lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and other costs caused by the accident. This money helps to ensure that workers are not left to struggle financially following an injury at work.

New Yorker injured after falling into grave

A New York worker was injured recently following a fall. According to reports, the man -- a grave digger -- fell into a four foot by eight foot hole he was digging. Emergency crews were called to rescue the man, since the deep hole caused a situation where the worker was in a low-oxygen environment and he was only semi-conscious. When the paramedics arrived, one was lowered into the hole to check the man's vitals.

Worker seriously injured after equipment failure

Workplace injuries can happen at any time and result in serious consequences for New York workers. In a recent case, a New York worker suffered an injury while working 100 feet below the ground. The man was working at a subway site between two tunnels. According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the man was cleaning concrete when the accident occurred. Apparently, the tool he was using to clean broke and hit him in the leg at around 4:00 p.m.