Workplace injuries can happen at any time and result in serious consequences for New York workers. In a recent case, a New York worker suffered an injury while working 100 feet below the ground. The man was working at a subway site between two tunnels. According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the man was cleaning concrete when the accident occurred. Apparently, the tool he was using to clean broke and hit him in the leg at around 4:00 p.m.

Rescuers were quickly called to the scene of the accident. They used a crane and a basket to hoist the man back to the surface. Following the rescue, he was taken via ambulance to a local hospital. He was listed in serious but stable condition.

Workplace accidents, like the one in this case, often result in serious injuries to workers. The specific hazards faced by workers depend on the industry and the job being performed. However, in any case, broken bones, crush injuries, spinal cord injuries and others can land a worker in the hospital. People who are injured on the job can face mounting medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs and more. They may recover from the injuries, but some people suffer permanent disabilities as a result of workplace accidents.

In these cases, workers’ compensation is available for injured workers. New York employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance so that workers won’t be left paying for the accident out of their own pocket. However, workers’ compensation can be a complicated area of the law. Therefore, workers need to understand their rights and obligations when it comes to collecting workers’ compensation. Notice of the injury and medical records, for example, might be required before a worker is entitled to compensation.

Source: CBS New York, “Pipe Falls On 2nd Avenue Subway Worker 100 Feet Below Ground,” Aug. 20, 2014