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August 2013 Archives

OSHA takes steps to limit New York workers exposure to silica

Every day New York workers in all sort of jobs are exposed to silica dust. This dust is the byproduct of working with mortar, brick, concrete and stone. These tiny particles are less than 100th the size of a grain of sand. When workers grind, drill or otherwise crush these common building materials, these tiny particles are released and thereby inhaled by workers.

Worker injured in New York explosion

Recently an asphalt plant in New York had an unexpected explosion. The company operates more than 12 different plants across New York and other eastern states. The company is responsible for supplying construction materials including gravel, sand and asphalt around the state.

New York postal worker injured by local resident

While there are a lot of perks when a person works for the local, state or federal government, these workers are not immune from workplace accidents. A workplace accident, or workplace injury, can happen to any worker, in any line of work at anytime. Workers need to be as careful as they can to avoid dangerous situations, but sometimes the danger is beyond their control.

Part of workers' compensation reforms challenged by lawsuit

No one likes to think about getting hurt at work, but it happens. Workplace accidents happen all the time in New York and around the country. While some workers may think that they are immune, most occupations include some sort of hazard. Safety regulations try to cut down on the amount of workplace accidents that occur, but even when these regulations are followed workplace injuries still occur.

NY construction worker settles claim for $1.2 million

Workplace accidents can happen in any profession. However, accidents are far more common and serious in the construction industry due to the nature of the work. One New York worker who was injured on a construction site recently successfully settled his injury lawsuit for $1.2 million.