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March 2013 Archives

Workplace injuries getting attention in New York

There is often nothing more frustrating than experiencing an injury on the job. When such an incident is serious, it not only affect one's ability to work, but also creates substantial medical bills and causes much pain and suffering. The risks taken when engaging in gainful employment are not completely self-owned however. Thankfully, the state of New York, as in most states, has in place a workers' compensation system that protects the injured worker in the event of a workplace injury.

New York business faces fine for not paying workers' compensation

Under New York law, businesses have an obligation to pay for workers' compensation insurance. This insurance will help workers receive the compensation they need following a workplace injury. Workers' compensation insurance is mandatory so that funds are available to pay injured workers. When businesses fail to maintain workers' compensation insurance, they are fined by the New York Workers' Compensation Board.

Worker mauled to death by lion in workplace accident

Some jobs are inherently more risky than others, but that does not mean that they have to be dangerous. In every field, safety procedures can be adopted to help prevent workplace injuries. By adopting these regulations, New York employers are not only ensuring that their employees are going to be safer, but they are also keeping their costs down and, in many cases, complying with legal requirements. When safety regulations are not adopted or are not respected, workplace accidents can occur that have devastating effects for workers and their families.

Worker injured in a new workplace accident at World Trade Center

In the past, this blog has highlighted accidents that have occurred at the World Trade Center construction site in New York City. Recently, another workplace accident has been reported at the site. According to reports, a steal plate somehow fell onto a worker. It hit the worker in the head which was protected by a hardhat while he was working as a carpenter.