There is often nothing more frustrating than experiencing an injury on the job. When such an incident is serious, it not only affect one’s ability to work, but also creates substantial medical bills and causes much pain and suffering. The risks taken when engaging in gainful employment are not completely self-owned however. Thankfully, the state of New York, as in most states, has in place a workers’ compensation system that protects the injured worker in the event of a workplace injury.

New York residents know a workplace accident can be incredibly debilitating. New York’s workers’ compensation program often provides the necessary funds to injured workers to cover medical expenses and wage loss associated with the injury. Yet, not all injured workers are privy to the funds, depending on the facts of the harm. Recent proposed legislation in the state is expected to improve workers’ compensation benefits available and potentially expand the service to more employees.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s legislation, Senate Bill 2605 and Assembly Bill 3005, proposes to increase the amount of workers’ compensation benefits and create system reform. The New York Compensation Insurance and Rating Board said recently that the legislation could increase workers’ comp loss costs up to 5.3%.

It’s unclear at this time of the changes will truly effect worker’s compensation in the state, but the passage of the legislation will certainly paint a more clear picture. In New York, if an individual is injured on the job, he or she can apply for workers’ compensation. The process is often rigorous, but obtaining access to the much needed funds makes it all worth the trouble. With an expanded workers’ compensation program, perhaps more injured workers can obtain assistance from the program.

Source: Business Insurance, “New York workers’ compensation reforms to result in savings: Analysis,” Roberto Ceniceros, March 19, 2012.