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February 2013 Archives

Schenectady business denied workers' compensation reimbursement

For employees, there is a safety net in place to help them following a workplace accident. Part of this safety net is workers' compensation. Workers' compensation helps to pay for expenses arising out of an injury that occurred at work. These expenses can include medical bills, rehabilitative costs and lost wages. If an injury is permanent and a worker is unable to work, workers' compensation can help give that employee much needed income.

Construction accident in Saratoga Springs

In order to protect workers, the government has created a series of safety regulations to protect people from workplace accidents. These regulations are especially important for those people who work in fields where there is an extra risk of danger -- like construction workers. Construction workers often work in the elements, with potentially dangerous equipment and in potentially dangerous conditions. All of these factors combined can easily lead to a construction accident if these safety regulations are not closely followed.

Police officer's wife denied workers' compensation benefits

Many government workers need a way to pay for expenses that they incur following a workplace injury. Like private sector employees, government workers are entitled to workers' compensation to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages following an accident. When government workers are killed in a workplace accident their families may be entitled to a death benefit from workers' compensation.

New York man loses fingers after hand caught in machine

For most people, their hands are very important to their job. However, a person's hands can often be injured during a workplace accident. When workplace injuries limit the full use of people's hands, they may have a hard time doing their job or making a living.