For most people, their hands are very important to their job. However, a person’s hands can often be injured during a workplace accident. When workplace injuries limit the full use of people’s hands, they may have a hard time doing their job or making a living.

A New York employee was recently injured during a workplace accident at a Pizza restaurant. During this accident, the worker’s right hand became trapped in a food preparation machine. While caught in the machine his hand was seriously damaged. Furthermore, several of the man’s fingers were severed. The man’s hand was in the machine for sometime but he was able to free his damaged hand before paramedics arrived on scene.

The paramedics described the man’s injuries as “major trauma” and stabilized him. Finally, the man was sent to a local hospital that specializes in treating people with amputations.

With the severity of this man’s injuries, it is likely that he will be unable to work for awhile. During this time, this man will still need money to pay for his day-to-day expenses as well as his medical expenses and rehabilitative costs from the injuries he suffered during the accident. It is also possible that this man will be permanently injured and unable to ever work in the same capacity again.

Under New York law, workers’ compensation is available for workers, like this man, who are injured on the job. It will help pay for the expenses incurred. A formula will be used to determine how much damage was done to his hand and how much he should be paid. The calculations and application process can be challenging and workers should ensure they are getting the money they deserve following workplace injuries.

Source: Glen Cove Patch, “Pizzeria Employee Badly Injures Hand in Machine,” Micah Danney, Jan. 29, 2013