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August 2012 Archives

Lower workers' compensation costs -- good for injured workers?

In this struggling economy, employers are looking to cut costs wherever they can. But most New Yorkers would agree that these cost-cutting measures should not be at the expense of their employees' health and safety. Even in tough times, employers have an obligation to keep their employees safe and to do everything they can to prevent workplace accidents.

$1.5 million for New Yorker who lost thumb in workplace accident

When workplaces are not safe, accidents can happen. These accidents can easily lead to workplace injuries for employees. Beyond being dangerous, workplace accidents can be costly to employees. If a New York employee is seriously injured, that employee may be out of work for an extended amount of time and thereby lose wages. Furthermore, the employee likely sought medical attention which can very easily accumulate into medical debt.

New York contractor falls from roof, transported by helicopter

Even with all of the proper safety precautions, accidents are a part of life. Sometimes these accidents happen while people are at work. Unfortunately, some professions are by their very nature more dangerous than others. Construction work tends to fall into the more dangerous category. On construction sites, the equipment is large and the environment can be unpredictable with workers often working high off the ground, with electricity or in dangerous weather conditions.