Even with all of the proper safety precautions, accidents are a part of life. Sometimes these accidents happen while people are at work. Unfortunately, some professions are by their very nature more dangerous than others. Construction work tends to fall into the more dangerous category. On construction sites, the equipment is large and the environment can be unpredictable with workers often working high off the ground, with electricity or in dangerous weather conditions.

A recent New York construction accident shows just how dangerous these jobs can be. On July 30 on Route 28 in Herkimer, New York, a contractor was working on a construction project at a local car dealership. The contractor had been working on the roof when he fell off.

In order to get the injured worker medical attention quickly, a makeshift helicopter landing site was constructed shortly thereafter at a nearby business. Just before 11 a.m., a helicopter was able to land and take the construction worker to a hospital for further treatment.

While the extent of the contractor’s injuries is unknown, the hospital listed him in fair condition on the afternoon of July 31. Police were on scene investigating this incident.

Those injured while working on a construction site, like this contractor, may be entitled to workers’ compensation. It is likely that because of this workplace accident, this contractor will miss some work and have large medical bills. These costs could be financially devastating to him if he had to pay them himself. Fortunately, workers’ compensation can cover such expenses as lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

Injured workers have enough to deal with trying to get healthy again without also having to worry about extra bills and a loss of income for an undetermined period of time.

Source: WKTV News, “Contractor transported via helicopter after construction accident,” July 30, 2012