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July 2012 Archives

Volunteer firefighter covered under workers' compensation

Like private sector employees, injured New York public workers are entitled to workers' compensation. Workers' compensation covers any expenses that may arise from a workplace injury. These can include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If governmental employees are permanently disabled from the injury and are unable to return to work, workers' compensation maybe the only way employees can continue to pay their bills.

Governor Cuomo lowers workers' compensations insurance premiums

Accidents are an unfortunate part of many employees' lives. Sometimes, no matter how cautious workers are, workplace injuries occur. These injuries can leave an injured worker unable to work for a time, or even leave them permanently disabled. New York workers can also end up with large medical bills from the accident. However, injured workers are often not responsible for paying for these costs.

Hot enough for you? Take precautions when you work outside

New York readers who are familiar with our previous posts know that employers have a legal responsibility to keep working conditions safe for their employees. Under both New York and federal laws, employers must adhere to certain safety regulations to protect their employees from workplace accidents. These protections can include special safety equipment, training and proper maintenance to their equipment.

Explosion in New York leaves worker burned

Another New York employee has been hurt on the job. On July 4, a Con Edison employee was working in a manhole in Manhattan. The man is apparently a manager with the company. At the time of the workplace accident, the man was filling in for another employee because a contract dispute has recently kept 8,200 Con Ed employees from work. This is the second report of an injured worker during the lockout.

New York construction worker hurt on the job

Construction workers often work in dangerous conditions in order to complete projects that benefit New York. However, just because these workers are in an inherently more dangerous profession, the fact is that if they are hurt while on the job they are still entitled to receive workers' compensation for their injuries.