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June 2012 Archives

Government employee receives $750,000 after workplace injury

It does not matter if employees work for the government or if they work for a private business: Either way they have the right to be safe at work. Under federal laws, the government must provide certain safety measures to prevent workplace injuries. This includes following U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations.

OSHA finds New York manufacturer with 44 serious violations

Every employee wants to go to work and return home safely each night. Furthermore, no employer wants or anticipates their employees getting hurt. Unfortunately, workplace accidents still happen despite everyone's best intentions. When an employee is injured at work they will often qualify for workers' compensation. Workers' compensation provides payments to the injured worker that covers lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering caused by the workplace accident.

Employees paying for injuries covered under workers' comp

Every New York worker has the right to work in a safe working environment. When employers do not take the proper precautions to keep employees safe, workplace accidents can occur and lead to injuries. When an employee sustains a workplace injury, that employee is entitled to workers' compensation.

New York man killed electrocuted during workplace accident

A recent workplace accident in East Greenbush, New York has killed one construction worker. The workplace injury occurred early on May 25. The 47-year-old man worked for a construction company based in Troy, New York.