A recent workplace accident in East Greenbush, New York has killed one construction worker. The workplace injury occurred early on May 25. The 47-year-old man worked for a construction company based in Troy, New York.

Overnight, the man was working on a local road as part of a larger construction project. Large gas-powered portable lights were set up along the roadway so that he and his fellow workers could see. One was set up close to a telephone pole and to power lines.

Investigators believe that as the man was preparing to take down the large light located near the power lines, the light shifted in the wind and touched one of the live power lines. The man was instantly electrocuted.

Unfortunately, workplace accidents are all too common in New York. While employers have the responsibility to follow certain safety procedures to keep their employees safe, many cut corners when it comes to safety. Sometimes employers do take some of the necessary precautions but workplace injuries still occur. Either way, injured workers have the right to compensation after a workplace accident.

When an employee is killed on the job, like the man in this case, that employee’s family also has a right to compensation. A wrongful death suit is often the best way to get fair compensation after a loved one has been killed at work.

While compensation can never fully replace what this man’s family has lost, it can help them to pay for expenses incurred because of his death, make up for some of the wages they were expecting in the future and compensate them for their pain and suffering.

Source: CBS 6, “Man Electrocuted In East Greenbush,” May 25, 2012