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Social Security Disability Archives

Can an attorney help speed up my disability appeal?

It is not a secret to many Schenectady, New York, residents that the process of getting Social Security Disability benefits can take a long time, as the Social Security Administration's backlog of cases is notoriously large. This means that New York residents often have to wait for months or even years in order to appeal their denial of benefits to an administrative law judge. Particularly for those who need these benefits because they are out of work and no longer have a livelihood, this wait can be very frustrating.

If the accident was my fault, can I still get SSD benefits?

A previous post on this blog mentioned that a Schenectady, New York, resident who gets injured at work may be able to receive Social Security disability benefits by filing an application with the Social Security Administration. These benefits may be an important component of a New Yorker's overall plan to maintain financial stability following an accident.

The interplay between SSD benefits and workers' compensation

A Schenectady, New York, worker who gets hurt, whether on the job or otherwise, is going to need some financial help replacing his or her lost income, especially if he or she has suffered an injury that will leave him or her out of the workforce permanently.

Get guidance on how the new SSDI rules affect you

As mentioned previously on this blog, the federal regulations regarding Social Security Disability benefits have recently undergone changes. It may seem to many that as soon as they understood the process and had their papers in order, the process has changed and they no longer know whether they will qualify for benefits anymore.

The impact of changing federal regulations on your SSD claim

The Social Security Administration administers the disability benefits to those individuals who have a medical condition that would prohibit them from working for more than a year or would result in death. One must prove their eligibility in the program and those requirements are guided by federal regulations that also stipulate the type of evidence that can be provided and how much weight will be given to the evidence.

What is "substantial gainful activity"?

The term "disability" can encompass a wide variety of physical and mental disorders. Some people in New York have disabilities that are so debilitating that they are unable to work on a daily basis. However, there are others who may be able to adjust to their disability, maintaining at least some form of employment and earning an income. For purposes of Social Security Disability benefits, the difference is whether or not the Social Security Administration makes a determination that your employment consists of "substantial gainful activity."

Getting the right information for questions about SSD benefits

When New York residents get injured on the job, or contract an illness due to on-the-job factors, the primary concern is obviously getting these people the medical treatment they need. However, after the initial medical concerns have been addressed, what then? These individuals are usually looking at a situation in which they have no means of earning an income because of the injury or illness. This is a big question indeed. But, for some of the people who find themselves in this type of situation, Social Security Disability benefits might be an option.

Being approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits

Going through the application process to receive Social Security Disability benefits can be a bit nerve-racking for many people in New York. The circumstances that call for such an application can be trying, but on top of that the actual application process can sometimes be difficult. With approximately 60 percent of all initial applications being rejected by the Social Security Administration, many applicants probably don't feel like the odds are in their favor. However, for those who are approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits, it can be a huge relief.

Student loan debt is adversely affecting social security checks

As baby-boomers reach the age of retirement, they should be considered about the affect that the nation's unpaid student loan debt could have on their social security checks. Student loan debt has been an increasingly alarming issue as thousands have opted not to pay their student loan debts back to the federal government. In order to help cover the debt, the government has been garnishing wages of social security recipients in order to pay back those debts. This has been affecting those receiving disability benefits as well.

What are basic eligibility requirements to be considered for SSD?

Have you ever received a paycheck and wondered where your federally taxed portion of earnings was going? There are a few sectors of the government that tax income, but one agency that receives federally taxed income is social security. Social security covers several types of publicly funded assistance programs, one of them being social security disability. Social security disability is a government program that funds people who have been rendered unable to work due to injury or illness.