Construction work comes with injury risks, such as falling from a ladder, roof or scaffold. When accidents occur, workers usually require immediate medical attention. A number of medical conditions can also develop over time. Many of these conditions could become serious and lead to permanent or long-term illnesses. 

Minor injuries or conditions may go ignored until they become debilitating enough to prevent an individual from working. When a condition begins to cause severe pain, weakness or immobility, a worker may need to file a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance. 

Construction work could lead to disabilities 

Much construction work requires heavy lifting, climbing and repetitive motion. Medical conditions resulting from these tasks may allow an individual to qualify for SSDI benefits. 

Employees working in the sun could develop a severely disabling condition, such as kidney damage, from a heat stroke. According to the Mayo Clinic, heat exhaustion could cause permanent brain damage. Vital organs may shut down, and a worker could require long-term care. 

Long-term or terminal conditions may qualify for SSDI 

An individual is eligible for SSDI for a serious medical condition that will last for 12 months or more. As noted by the AARP, applicants may qualify for a fast-track decision if an injury or illness is especially severe or could result in death. 

The Social Security Administration also offers a Compassionate Allowances program that may speed up the application process. The SSA evaluates submissions and medical records to determine the possibility of administering a quick decision. 

Attorney assistance may help applicants obtain maximum benefits 

Individuals with medical conditions related to their work may qualify for both SSDI and workers’ compensation. Navigating the factors determining combined eligibility may, however, present a challenge when applying without the assistance of an attorney well-versed in both areas. 

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