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Understanding whether you qualify for workers' compensation

Workplaces are supposed to be safe. People go to work expecting to earn and living and return home after their shifts. For most people, this is their day in and day out experience. But, all too often, workplace accidents occur that can completely change this scenario.

Not everyone is covered by workers' compensation in New York

While workers' compensation is in place in New York to assist an injured worker who suffered a workplace accident, there is occasionally confusion as to who can and cannot receive benefits through the law. In some instances, a person might not be aware that he or she is not eligible to receive benefits and, when he or she suffers a workplace injury, the person is left without coverage. Having an understanding of who is not covered by workers' compensation can be beneficial as the worker may then be aware of the need to seek alternative avenues.

Worker injured by falling cinderblock in New York

Construction workers across the state of New York are responsible for building and maintaining physical structures. Without their work many people would be without homes, jobs and adequate public amenities. Whether it is road construction, residential construction or commercial construction, these workers risk their lives to ensure that New Yorkers have safe, effective buildings and structures.